If your students already have MyELT accounts, you can enroll them in your course so they will not have to do it themselves.

  1. Go to MyELT.heinle.com. Enter your username and password. Click Sign In

  2. Click Students

  3. Make sure the title of the course that you want to enroll students in appears at the top of the page. If not, click the arrow to the right of the current title and select the correct course. 

  4. Click Enroll Student(s)

  5. In the column on the left side of the page, the names of students who are not enrolled in your course appear.  In the column on the right side of the page, the names of students who are already enrolled in your course appear. If necessary, search for a specific student to enroll by entering his or her information in the search fields and then clicking Search

    • To enroll a student whose name you already see in the list on the left, click the box to the left of his or her name and then click Enroll. The student’s name moves from the left column to the right column.