ExamView is an additional online resource that lets you to add tests to your course. ExamView is available only for older Grammar in Context, World English, and World Link programs.

  1. Go to MyELT.heinle.com. Enter your username and password. Click Sign In

  2. Click Assignments

  3. Make sure the title of the course that you want to add a test to appears at the top of the page. If not, click the arrow to the right of the current title and select the correct course. Note: You must create a course before you can add a test to it. 

  4. Click Create Assignment

  5. Select ExamView Content and click Update

  6. Click OK when the warning message appears. 

  7. Click the plus signto the left of the content to access its test banks. 

  8. Click the box to the left of one or more test banks you want to set up and then click Continue

  9. Specify the difficulty level of the questions to appear on the test, how you want to grade the questions, and the type of questions to include. 

  10. Click the box to the left of each question to include in the test. If you want to include all the questions, click Select All

  11. To randomize the questions, enter a number in the Select number of questions at random box and click Update

  12. Click Previous or Next, or select a number to view other questions. 

  13. When you are done, click Continue

  14. Click Reorder or change point values to put the questions in a different order or to assign a different point value to each question. When you are done, click Save these changes


  15. Click Show all commands to cut, copy, delete, or paste questions; add more questions to the test; or view the questions as they will appear to students. 


  16. Enter a name for the test and click Assign

  17. Enter the number of times you want to let students take the test in the Takes allowed box. 

  18. Enter the maximum number of points students can earn on the test. 

  19. Indicate whether you want MyELT to display a progress meter to students as they work on the test.
  20. Set the date when you want to make the test(s) available to students and when it is due. 

  21. Click Show All Options to add a description to your tests, and edit how and when students will see the results. 


  22. When you are done, click Save to go back to your main Assignments page.