If you are taking an instructor-led course but you registered before you had a Course Key or you are switching from self-study to an instructor-led course, you can add a Course Key to your existing account.

  1. Go to MyELT.heinle.com. Enter your username and password, and then click Sign In

  2. Click Add a Resource. 

  3. Click Enroll and then click Save and Go to Step 2

  4. Enter your Course Key and click Save and Go to Step 3Note: The code shown here is an example, not the one you should enter. 

  5. If you see this warning message, click OK

  6. Review the information. If it is correct, click Submit to finish enrolling in the course. Note: If the information is not correct, click  to re-enter your Course Key. 

  7. Click Go To [your course’s name]

  8. Sign back in to MyELT to open your course.