There are two common reasons that a student’s score might not appear in the Gradebook even though the student says he or she completed it. 

Student did the assignment as a self-study activity:

Ask the student to check his or her Assignments page to see what it says in the column to the far right of the assignment.

  • If it says Take, the student must retake the activity.
  • If it says Retake, contact MyELT Technical Support.
  • If it is blank, the student has already taken the assignment as many times as allowed or the assignment is past due. 

Recheck your Gradebook. 
  1. Click Gradebook

  2. Make sure the course the student is enrolled in appears at the top of the page. If not, click the arrow to the right of the current title and select the correct course. 

  3. Find the student's name to see whether a score appears for the assignment. If not, click View All Self-Study Activities at the top of the page. 

  4. Find the student's name to see whether a score appears for the assignment. 

  5. If not, the student may not have clicked Submit. They can then try the following:

  • Have the student retake the assignment in your classroom or office. Make sure he or she answers all the questions and then clicks Submit.
  • If the student cannot take the assignment in your classroom or office, ask him or her to retake it at home. Remind the student to click Submit before leaving the activity. Advise the student that he or she may need to scroll down the page to activate the Submit button.