To register for MyTime English you will need the content access code you purchased. You can register for Self-Study or an Instructor led course. You can learn more about how to use your content access code here

Once you have completed your Placement Test, you will immediately be able to begin your MyTimeEnglish coursework. Use the on-screen prompts and navigation buttons to work through your course.

If you do not wish to take the Placement Test you can go straight to the Table of Contents and begin taking content from any level of MyTimeEnglish.


Tracking your Progress

You will be able to tell where you are in the course at all times by viewing the yellow progress bars, located at the top right of your screen. As you work through your coursework, the yellow bar will increase to show you the percentage of activities you have completed.

Level tells you what Level you are working in along with how far you have progressed through all three parts within the level.

Unit tells you which Unit you are working in along how far you have progressed through the unit.

Lesson tells you which Lesson you are working in along with how far you have progressed through the lesson.


Navigating to the Table of Contents, Gradebook, Placement Test and Scope & Sequence

To view your Table of Contents, Gradebook, Placement Test or Scope & Sequence, click on the drop down menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.



Table of Contents

In the Table of Contents, you can navigate to any activity within your part by clicking Go. In Levels 1 thru 4 there are 3 parts per level. In each Part there are 5 Units with vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and video activities.

Table of Contents Structure

Levels 1 thru 4 all have 2 Progress Tests, one for each of the first two Parts. Once you have completed the Progress Test for Part 2 of your Level, you will have a Final Test at the end of Part 3. You are not required to receive a certain score on the tests, however, it is recommended that you score 60% or higher to move to the next part.

Level 5 is different from the first four levels, as it contains a variety of popular test prep courses and 6 additional eBooks from the Footprint Reading Library.





Activity Navigation

When you are taking your assignments, you can switch between them using the previous and next arrows on either side of the screen. If you are unable to click one of the arrows, it indicates that you are either at the first activity or last activity in your lesson.

Some activities will have multiple questions. Be sure to look for the question number line at the bottom of the activity. Click on the next or previous arrows to navigate between the questions.

To submit your answers and advance to the next activity, you must click Submit in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

When you have completed an activity you can check your answers by clicking on Show Answers. If you want to retake the activity, click Reset.





Completing a Unit

At the end of every Unit there are additional Review activities, an Explore section, and a Unit Quiz.

The Review activities give you more practice in a skill that is specific to the Unit you are finishing, including speech recognition activities.

The Explore section contains an eBook from the Footprint Reading Library.

The Unit Quiz is a game-based test for you to see how much you have learned during the Unit. While taking the quiz you will be shown your correct and incorrect answers on the screen. Once you click Submit, your answers will be posted to your gradebook.

Audio Activity Types

Some of the activities in MyTimeEnglish require you to record phrases or sentences. At the start of these activities you will be prompted to connect your headset and microphone and then test them to ensure they are working.

Once you have connected your headset and microphone, follow the activity instructions to complete your recordings. Some of the common instructions are:



Taking the Final Quiz for a Level

 At the end of every level in Part 3 there is a Final Test. When you have completed this test you will be able to download a certificate showing completion. To do so: 

  1. Launch the Final Test in the Level: 
  2. When you have completed the test you will then be able to navigate to the Hamburger menu to access your certificates. 
  3. In the Certificates section you can download the Certificate of Completion.



The Placement Test was developed to accurately assess the English knowledge you already have and ensure that you start studying at the correct level.

Use only your knowledge of English to take the Placement Test. External resources can distort the results and compromise your diagnosis, causing you to be placed into the wrong level. Allow approximately 20-30 minutes in a quiet place to complete your test.

When you are ready to start your Placement Test, sign into and click Begin Placement Test. If you have already taken activities from the Levels and wish to take the placement test, you can access the test in the drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner.

Please note, if you start the placement test you are required to complete the test before receiving your level recommendation.

   The blue progress bar on the bottom of the test will show you how far you have progressed through the test. Before you click the next arrow, you can change your answer. Once you click next, you will not be able to go back and change your answer. 
In questions which include images, click on + sign in the lower right hand corner to expand image. 

Some of the activities will have audio included in them. Be sure to look for the audio icon. Click on the audio symbol to listen to the audio excerpt and then answer the question. Note, you will only get to listen to the audio once.


If you stop the test and sign out, it is ok. Your answers will be saved and you can resume where you left off on your next sign in. Click Continue to keep taking the placement test with the answers you have already submitted. Click Start Again to reset the Placement Test and start from the beginning. If you click Start Again the answers you previously submitted will no longer be saved.


Once you have completed and submitted your Placement Test, you will be presented with a screen informing you which of the 5 levels you have been recommended to start working in. To begin your coursework, click Start Level. Even though you have placed into a specific level you do have access all five levels of MyTimeEnglish and can complete the content in any order you want to. 



You can view your Gradebook for any of your completed Levels and Parts by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen and selecting Gradebook.



You will see the scores for the activities you have completed within the last 30 minutes at the top of the Gradebook. All of your other scores will be listed below your Recent Submissions section.  To view your Placement Test scores, click Placement Test Results…




Placement Test Results


To view your activity scores in detail, click on the Score or %.


You will now see your activity score, time spent and last taken information.



You can also view your activity as it appears in MyELT….


 …or just as text. 


You can switch between activity grades by using the Prev Grades and Next Grades buttons at the bottom of the page.




For any activity for which you recorded your voice, you can click Play Back




or the play button.









The scope and sequence outlines your learning goals related to listening and punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, and reading and writing in MyTimeEnglish.